Radost na bellaDo you need a new mattress? 

Find out which 5 signs point to it.

Somehow you've been sleeping very badly lately. You are waking up more tired than usual, and you cannot fall asleep in the evening. You're lying on the bed, but you just seem to be unable to find the right sleeping position. Maybe it's time to change the mattress! Determining when to replace a mattress can be difficult. The mattress is hidden beneath sheets and blankets, so we often do not even think about it. But, we should. We will not talk now about how a good sleep is important for health and normal functioning. Let's just say this: for a good sleep it is important to have good mattress. Do you think yours is quite solid? You regularly clean it, and you even had it aired just the other day. We have a bad news. As much as you care about the mattress, clean it, care for it, sing to it, each has its own life span. Check which signs indicate that you need to change it urgently. And finally get some sleep.

Sleeping badly

The first and most obvious alarm that something is wrong with your mattress is that you are sleeping badly.
Are you waking up stiff, rigid or are you feeling sick?

Do you think it was better sleeping in that hotel the other day than in your own bed?
Waking up more tired than before you went to sleep?

These may be signs that your mattress no longer supports your body as it should and therefore does not provide the comfort it needs when we are sleeping.
2. Mattress older than 8 years? No way.

The life span of the mattress depends on several factors.

A high quality and well-maintained mattress will keep the shape longer, but even the best quality mattress will come to the end.

Even with all the care, maintenance and attention, the mattress should be changed every eight years.

After eight years the mattress will start losing its initial comfort and firmness which is crucial for a proper body support and your good sleep.

Just for illustration: for eight years you spend around 20,761 hours lying on your mattress. During that same time you shed almost 5 kg of dead skin on your mattress!

That should be a good enough reason to consider buying a new mattress, right?

3. Replace the damaged mattress

Look for visible signs of damage on your mattress.

If your mattress looks inward, worn, bent, and tired, it's time for it to go to a well deserved retirement. It has served you well, but its time is up!

4. It is also important for your partner to sleep well

If your partner can not sleep and rotates all night beside you it probably means that his mattress no longer provides the necessary support.
And when your partners kicking and turning keeps you awake the whole night it means that your mattress does not reduce transmission of motion as it should.
It's time for a new mattress!

5. Have you lost or gained some weight? The mattress "knows" it!

If you are a couple of kilograms heavier or lighter than you were when you bought a mattress, it is possible that your existing mattress no longer fits your needs.
This is particularly true for kid’s mattresses, which cannot adapt to the demands of growing children. A mattress that is good for a 20kg baby doesn’t have to be good for a 30 kg child, and proper sleep is important for the spine.

Pay special attention to choosing a suitable mattress for your child.

We hope that we have helped you resolve the doubt about whether to replace the mattress, or to answer the question when you need to replace it.

What matters the most is that when you buy and choose mattress, choose the one that suits you and your needs!

We are here to answer all of your questions!

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