Mama i dijete na bellaThe importance of early bed time for kids

Many people have heard that children´s sleeping problems can be solved by keeping children awake for a longer time, so they would be much sleepier and would sleep till the morning without interruption. However, is this statement actually true?

Although it seems logical at first glance, this approach is unfortunately totally wrong. Because of this, your toddler will not sleep better or longer. Unfortunately, the sleep will be of worse quality and shorter than usual.
What is a secret?

Though you've heard, maybe you have tried to let your kid stay awake by watching TV till late, most parents are still having trouble with children’s sleeping habits, which affect negatively their own sleep. Though it is difficult to believe, the truth is completely the opposite: the only way to have a longer and better quality sleep is for toddlers to go to bed much earlier.
Exhaustion is not a solution.

If your children stay awake for a long time, they will become exhausted. In such a state, our bodies, regardless of their age, are starting to build a hormone that is very important to fight fatigue. These hormones make our sleep more difficult.

An exhausted kid will have a lot of trouble getting asleep, and what's more important in the whole story is the fact that your kid will continue waking up during the night.

Another reason why it is not a good idea keeping up little children to late in the night is the fact that they have the habit of waking up earlier.

When your kids grow older and enter teenage years, this metabolic process begins to change, but in the early stages of growing you can count on kids waking up much earlier.
What does this mean for children's biorhythm?

Children need a lot of sleep, far more than you can imagine. Babies younger than 6 months require 11 to 12 hours of sleep every night, while 2-3 year olds need 10-11 hours of high quality sleep.

If children stay awake until late at night, they will not sleep longer in the morning, so you could extend your sleep. Not only will they wake up early, the little ones will also sleep shorter than the usual hours required for their growth and development.

When is the right time to rest?

For children younger than 6 months, it is recommended to go to bed around 7 am, while for children younger than 18 months it is advised to go to sleep at

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