Momak na bellaThe importance of the mattress

Sleep hygiene means certain procedures, habits and environmental factors, and one of the most important factors of the environment is the bed or the mattress on which you sleep. It is never enough to talk about how good a mattress affects sleep quality, and how much trouble and discomfort can cause a bad and unsuitable mattress. One of the basic symptoms is certainly pain in your back.

When choosing a mattress, one should definitely adopt an individual approach, but mostly hard and firm mattresses are still recommended.

Sleeping on a soft, worn or too firm mattress, or a mattress full of dents, can weaken the back muscles and lead to distortion of the spine that causes pain. It can also aggravate an already existing back injury and even cause a new one. The body and spine need a suitable base for sleep. A hard and firm mattress is considered the best choice for people who suffer from back pain. One American survey conducted in 1995 has shown that as many as 95% of orthopedics think mattresses play a role in fighting back pain.

A large number of orthopedists recommend a firm mattress, some even hard. Comfortable sleep, regardless of whether a person is suffering from back pain or not, depends on a number of factors, from anatomical to environmental factors, from psychological states to cultural backgrounds, to the level of tolerance of pain. Not all people are equally sensitive to the surface they are sleeping on. Pain management in the back includes a whole range of methods. When choosing a mattress, one should definitely adopt an individual approach, but hard and hard mattresses are still recommended.

The mattress should be replaced on average every eight to ten years, but if the back pain does not stop, or if there is a pain that is not caused by some obvious injury, you should immediately replace the mattress, no matter how old it is. Obviously, proper sleep hygiene can have a remarkably good effect on a quality sleep. A man needs to be fresh, relaxed, and ready for all the activities that the day before him brings.

Good sleep is of utmost importance for health and quality of life, in case of sleeping problems or difficulties you should seek medical advice and help.

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